Ring On Deli

A Novel about Supermarkets and Democracy by Eric Giroux


Attention all shoppers! Ring On Deli is now available for purchase—
in paper, electronic, and audio formats!

Special editionDirect from New Salem Books, the special deluxe-paperback edition comes signed and numbered by Eric Giroux himself! $20. $18. Official merit-badge-style Ring On Deli patch included!
Regular editionThe regular edition is not as fancy as the special edition, but it still contains all the words.Buy from Bookshop or your local bookstore!
E-bookYour choice of format!Kindle, Kobo, or Nook
Audio bookDownload or unlimited streaming.Bandcamp

For each copy of the special edition sold, the author will donate $1 to the Billerica Community Pantry, which provides food at no cost to Billerica citizens in need.

If you wish to buy the book in bulk or in foreign countries other than Canada, send us a note using the Contact Form.

If you are not content buying a print or audio edition of this book, you can also buy your very own Ring On Deli patch! They look like this:

Several Ring On Deli patchesA single Ring On Deli patch

Sew them on whatever you have that needs a Ring On Deli patch on it, or get someone to do that for you. They’re fully embroidered and about 2'' in diameter and they cost $2 each. You’d get one for free if you bought the special edition of the book, but if that’s too fancy for you, you can buy them separately.