Ring On Deli

A Novel about Supermarkets and Democracy by Eric Giroux

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Lawyers Weekly spotlights Ring On DeliAugust 15, 2020

“Lawyer authors witty take on labor strife in small-town Massachusetts,” by Pat Murphy, appears this week in Masschusetts Lawyers Weekly. Unfortunately, the full article is behind a paywall so you can’t read it (unless you’re a Massachusetts lawyer), but the key detail is a favorable comparison to Monty Python, which means now Eric can die.

Ring On Deli hits the airwaves!July 17, 2020

Broadcast today: "In Ring On Deli, Democracy Goes to Work in a Grocery Store." Listen to Eric's conversation with Jill Kaufman of New England Public Media.

Kirkus review!July 14, 2020

Kirkus review for Ring On Deli! “Giroux’s prose is reminiscent of Richard Russo’s writing: intricate and incisive, though always full of warmth and humor. . . . A well-balanced comic tale that deftly grapples with larger contemporary themes.” Full review here.

Five-star review!July 9, 2020

IndieReader grants Ring On Deli all five stars! Ring On Deli is now officially “IndieReader Approved.” "Ring On Deli is a rich, incisive story that vividly illustrates the inequities in the American economy and offers a serious look at those fighting to hold on to what they have and those who join them in the fight. Whether you call it a page-turner, a must-read, or a story you can’t put down at night, Ring On Deli lives up to every enthusiastically positive description about a novel." Full review here.